SCTL has a ranking series for members. Ranking series consists of 4-6 ranking competitions every summer. Raking winner is rewarded in the associations annual meeting in the fall.

Multihulls compete using the Multi2000 -rule.

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    Apr 08
    Åland Runt regatta 2015

    Preliminary invitation Åland Runt race 2015 for multihulls 30.6.–2.7.2015 (tuesday-thursday) The board of SCTL has decided to hold Åland Runt 2015 race: Race route: 1. leg: Maarianhamina (ÅSS) – Käringsund  30.6.2015 2. leg: Käringsund – Hamnsundet  1.7.2015 3. leg: Hamnsundet- Bärö (Kumlinge)/Glada Laxen  2.7.2015 Event Organizer: Glada Laxen (Henrik Beckman) in collaboration with SCTL Measurement rule: Multi 2000 Registration will be opened […]

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