SCTL and restaurant Glada Laxen is completing the preparations for this years competition. Last time in 2019 we encountered high winds and left out one day by compressing three days of sailing into two. This is documented by the picture from the alternative harbor.

The alternative harbor in Enklinge protecting agains the approaching storm.

The sailors at ÅSS are alerted about the arrival of a fleet from Sweden on 4 or 5 of July. The Finnish fleet well arrive the 5. The participation fee will be 170€ as preliminary estimated covering harbor costs for the days 5, 6, 7 and 8.7. There will be a skippers meeting at 19.00 5.7 and the start will take place 6.7 at 10.00 outside ÅSS. The first leg is to Käringsund/Eckerö. The following leg to Hamnsundet/Saltvik and from there the following day to Glada Laxen/Bärö where sauna is waiting. The dinner is not included in the fee due June 15th, details to be published later.

Suomalaiset venekunnat suunnittelevat omaa purjehdustapahtumaa jonka päätepiste on Degerby 4.7 josta yhdessä purjehditaan ÅSS:n 5.7. Järjestelyt tältä osin selviävät kesäkuuhun mennessä.

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